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pump + filter A fuel pump that uses the principle of cutting the electricity that is fed to the solenoid. causing the diaphragm to move in and out When assembled with a set of shut-off valves Movement of the diaphragm creates suction. And the pressure makes it possible to suck fuel from the fuel tank to feed the fuel system. Or around the end not to fall – Voltage: 12 volts / 1.5 amps – Air pressure: 2.5-3.5 PSI – Strong and durable Product details 


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Model A -Wave 125i -Click 125i -MSX 125 **

Model B -Wave 125 year 2004,2008 **

Model C -Wave 110i -Click 110i -Scoppy i -Zoomer X -Fz 150 -Ninja 250 -Ninja 300 **

Model D -Wave 110 S3 **Model E Click Old ** Model F Wave110i -PCX


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